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B2B SaaS Product Manager & Team Lead || Solving problems by building solutions. 
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I’m a data-driven and user-centric Product Manager passionate about building and scaling impactful SaaS solutions. With over five years of experience in the tech industry, spanning marketing, product development, and team leadership, I’ve honed my skills in creating products that resonate with B2B audiences and drive sustainable growth. Here’s a TL;DR summary of my career:

  • My journey began in marketing, where I developed a deep understanding of SEO, content strategy, and digital marketing, laying the groundwork for a user-first approach to product management.
  • Transitioning into product management, I’ve led cross-functional teams to ideate, develop, and launch products that solve real problems for businesses, particularly in the SaaS domain.
  • At STEK, I spearheaded the digital transformation project before taking on the role of Software Product Manager, where I managed a B2B SaaS product that significantly improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction for our clients.
  • Under my leadership, we achieved a milestone of increasing user engagement by 176% within six months through strategic SEO and content marketing initiatives, demonstrating my ability to drive product growth through data-driven insights and market understanding.
  • I believe in building products that are not only technologically advanced but also profoundly aligned with the users’ needs, fostering environments where teams can innovate and execute with excellence.

There’s much more to share about my journey and the specific impacts I’ve made in each role. Feel free to download my resume for a detailed view of my experiences and achievements. And if you’re interested in personal projects, I also run a podcast that explores the startup ecosystem, showcasing my continuous engagement with the tech community.

Experience ⚙️

B2B Software Project Manager

STEK • Mar 2022 – Present • Seoul, South Korea

As a foundational member of this branch I lead a talented team in the development of an industry-leading software solution aimed at outperforming competitors and establishing STEK as the number one choice in the Paint Protection Film (PPF) market. My expertise in product management and understanding of the PPF industry enabled me to drive the team towards delivering a software that would revolutionize the way customers grow their businesses.

  • Conducted comprehensive market research to identify gaps and opportunities within the PPF software landscape, shaping our product to address customer pain points and surpass competitor offerings.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams during the discovery phase to define project scope, objectives, and key performance indicators, ensuring alignment with the overarching business strategy.
  • Built and managed a high-performing team consisting of a project manager, UI/UX designers, and software developers, fostering a collaborative and results-driven work environment.
  • Developed a comprehensive project plan during the initial stages, outlining objectives, milestones, and resources required for successful software development and implementation.
  • Managed project timelines, resources, and budget to ensure the timely delivery of a high-quality software product that met our ambitious objectives.
  • Guided the team in designing the application and software architecture, ensuring the seamless integration of features and functionalities that would ultimately boost sales and customer satisfaction.

Product Developemtn & MVPs

Idea Validation & Research

Team Lead (Dev & Business)

Sprint Planning

Contract Negotiation

Consumer Feeback

Digital Transformation Project Manager

STEK • Feb 2021 – Mar 2022 • Seoul, South Korea

Project Managed the designing and implementation of the company’s digital transformation strategy as an innovative and strategic Digital Transformation Project Manager at STEK Automotive. By creating a customer portal and bringing processes online, I improved communication and streamlined internal processes, resulting in significant improvements in efficiency and customer satisfaction. My experience in designing and executing digital solutions showcased my ability to drive positive change and business growth.

  • Developed a comprehensive digital transformation strategy, resulting in the creation of a SaaS product for over 80 distributors.
  • Addressed communication challenges by creating an internal platform that reduced communication issues and sensitive data-sharing problems by 50%.
  • Enhanced the lead collection process, increasing the closing deal rate by 75% by reducing the average lead response time from 48 hours to less than a business day.
  • Streamlined and digitalized the warranty claims process, cutting the time for receiving a first response from Quality Management by more than 65%.

Project Management

Digital Transformation

Data Analysis

Global Communication

Idea Validation & MVP

Web Developement

Full-stack Global Marketing Manager

STEK • Jan 2020 – Feb 2021 • Seoul, South Korea

Directing and optimizing global marketing campaigns and product launch strategies as a forward-thinking and results-oriented Global Marketing Manager at STEK Automotive. I led the marketing launch of 10 new products and managed B2B digital marketing strategies with a $350,000 budget. My ability to strategize and implement consumer and corporate email marketing communications contributed to the company’s impressive growth and increased brand awareness.

  • Directed innovative global marketing campaigns, resulting in a 150%+ increase in qualified leads YoY and contributing 30% to the company’s 2021 financial goals.
  • Strategized and implemented consumer and corporate email marketing communications, increasing product testing by 15%.
  • Managed a $100K budget to execute B2B digital marketing strategies, leading to a 35% increase in new channel acquisitions.
  • Developed a comprehensive website content strategy, resulting in a 35% increase in annual visitors, 76% blog traffic, and 128% growth in weekly newsletter signups.
  • Successfully launched 10 new products through various digital content mediums, leading to a 15% increase in new orders within two weeks of the initial product launch date.
  • Project managed a major automotive after-market event with a $250,000 budget, achieving a 210% ROI and increased brand awareness.

B2B Marketing Strategy

SEO Strategy & Implementation

Web Developement

Offline /Onlieve Event Plan

Social Media Management

Strategic Partnerships

Community Growth Leader

Seoul Startups • Jan 2018 – Feb 2022 • Seoul, South Korea

As the Community Leader at Seoul Startups, I excelled in creating a nurturing environment for over 4,000 entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. My role involved organizing impactful events and workshops, building strategic partnerships, and implementing data-informed initiatives to grow and diversify the community, contributing significantly to its growth and success.


  • Designed and executed strategic initiatives based on data insights to expand the membership base, achieving a substantial increase in active participants and fostering diversity within the community.
  • Developed and organized a variety of engaging events, workshops, and mentorship programs, effectively addressing the community’s needs and facilitating valuable connections among members.
  • Implemented data-driven strategies to refine the community’s offerings, ensuring alignment with the evolving needs of the startup ecosystem and enhancing overall community value.
  • Built and maintained strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, such as investors, accelerators, and industry leaders, enriching the community with additional resources and support.

Community Building

Strategic Partnerships

Event Planning

Startup Mentoring

Startup Pitch

Project Management

Marketing Team Lead & SEO Strategist

Content SEO Strategist & Marketing Team Lead • Jan 2018 – Dec 2021 • Seoul, South Korea

Leading a team of designers & social media managers, I built and executed the strategy for launching and operating the website and social media channels for this startup. The primary goal was to increase the MAU website traffic to generate conversions on app registrations. My innovative marketing approaches significantly impacted the company’s success by driving growth and improving performance.

  • Achieved a 176% increase in MAU within six months by leveraging data-driven insights to tailor marketing campaigns and content strategies to target audience preferences.
  • Developed and executed SEO strategies using Google Analytics and Facebook Blueprint, optimizing content visibility and significantly boosting organic traffic to the platform.
  • Managed a diverse and talented marketing team, fostering a collaborative environment to maximize the effectiveness of our campaigns and contribute to the company’s overarching goals.

SEO Strategy & Implementation

Google Analytics

Growgth Hacking

Social Media Management

Startup Pitch

Consumer Feedback

Market Intelligence Project Manager

Content SEO Strategist & Marketing Team Lead • Jan 2015 – Dec 2016 • San Salvador, El Salvador

Managed the regional market research and analysis project, extending to understand the satisfaction of B2B customers from our 12 business units. From the results drafted, I delivered powerful data-driven insights and developed growth roadmaps, reporting directly to C-level managers.

  • Initiated and managed the project from scratch, setting up timelines and implementation methods with business units in 5 different countries and engaging with more than 100 B2B customers from various industries.
  • The project led to the implementation of targeted improvements in customer satisfaction and B2B relations, resulting in a 30% increase in orders and a 10% reduction in product quality complaints.
  • Developed and delivered actionable market intelligence reports, providing the management team with essential insights to guide strategic initiatives and enhance competitiveness.

Marketing Research

B2B Makering

Strategic Planning

Data Analysis

Financial Forecast

Corporate Customer Management

Personal Projects 👨🏻‍💻

Co-Founder & CMO

The Last Box • Jan 2019 – Dec 2019 • Seoul, South Korea

As a Co-Founder of The Last Box, I focused on creating impactful solutions to reduce food waste and optimize food consumption. Leveraging my expertise in data-driven decision-making, I conceptualized a business model that identified market opportunities and addressed pressing environmental issues, contributing to sustainable living.

  • Successfully pitched the startup to VCs in entrepreneurship programs across Europe and South Korea, earning awards for the best business pitch and securing pre-seed funding.
  • Led extensive market research and outreach efforts, establishing partnerships in Europe and ensuring product-market fit, which facilitated the expansion of the startup’s presence in strategic regions.
  • Managed partnerships with multiple design labs, leading to the development of the MVP, including hardware and software prototypes, paving the way to access the next rounds of funding.

Product Management

Business Planning

Financia Planning

Hardware Development

Venture Capital

Team Management

Podcast Host

Startups Ignited Podcast • Jan 2019 – Dec 2019 • Seoul, South Korea

As the creator and host of Startups Ignited, I blended my passion for storytelling and data-driven insights to spotlight the journeys of successful entrepreneurs in the international entrepreneurial community in Korea. My ability to resonate with diverse audiences and my deep understanding of the startup ecosystem was pivotal in driving the podcast’s success and fostering a supportive community.

  • Conducted insightful interviews with successful entrepreneurs, exploring their unique journeys, challenges, and strategies and delivering engaging and inspiring content to listeners.
  • Utilized data analysis and audience feedback to refine the podcast’s content strategy continuously, identifying trends and topics that resonated most with listeners.

Research & Planning


Video / Audio Editing

Education 📚

Master of Science in International Business and Technology

With industry leaders build that drives innovation and creates impact by solving challenges.

South Korea
2018 - 2020
Intensive Korean Language

One year of intensive korean languge course as a requisite of the Korean Goverment Scholarship.

Chosun University
South Korea
2016- 2018
South Korea Government
Scholarship Recipient

Four-year full-tuition scholarship awarded for academic excellence to study MBA in S. Korea.

S. Korea Ministey of Education
South Korea
2016- 2018
Bachelor of Science in Business
and Economics

Promoting and developing entrepreneurship skill focus on problem solving and value creation.

El Salvador
2010 - 2014

Skills & Certificates 🛠️

Product Management

Product Management

Product Management

Product Management

Product Management

Product Management

Product Management

Product Management

Product Management

Product Management

Product Management

Product Management

Working Philosophy

Strategic Value Creation

Strategic value creation defines my approach to business—it's the cornerstone that differentiates my products, secures a devoted customer base, and infuses unique significance into my brand's promise and solutions.

Customer-First Mindset

A customer-first mindset is not just a strategy, it's a commitment. It's my pledge to prioritize user needs and preferences, ensuring every decision leads to enhanced trust and loyalty.

Proactive Execution

A proactive approach to execution is key; it channels my passion and expertise into tangible actions that drive value creation and make a real-world impact.


Integrity is non-negotiable in my work ethic. It's a practice of aligning actions with core values, ensuring excellence and honesty guide every aspect of my professional conduct.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Data is the compass that guides my decision-making process. It's about leveraging insights to inform strategy, reduce uncertainty, and pave the way for informed, impactful choices in product development.

Agile Adaptability

Embracing change with agility is crucial for staying ahead. My focus on adaptability ensures that the products I manage evolve swiftly and effectively in response to the ever-changing market dynamics.

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