Community Building 🤝​

Since I joined Seoul Startups in 2017, with just 250 members and meeting in coffee shops and bars, we have grown Seoul startups to +2500 community members and become the most significant international startup community in South Korea.

Collaboration with Global Organizations

The journey within Seoul Startups has been incredible. We have been able to collaborate with global organizations like Google for Startups, Techsarts, and WeWork to enhance the Korean Startup Ecosystem and provide startups and entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to succeed.

As Seoul Startups, we know that Korea’s business scene is no walk in the park. The government’s strict regulations, language, cultural barriers, restrictions, and growing community network are just some of the issues startups have to face here. 

We wanted to find out what early-stage startups need in Korea. We decided to ask our community about their journey through the ecosystem and the pain points they face. Afterward, we share our experience and findings with a larger audience: our beloved community, partners, and critical ecosystem (government) players in Korea. The idea is to create opportunities for all founders (Korean and foreign) to connect with the right resources and people and have a shot at growing their businesses in Korea. 

Monthly Startup Newsletter

Being in charge of the Seoul Startups monthly newsletter was full of challenges and learning. Connecting with more than +2,000 monthly subscribers by reaching their inboxes every month was a huge responsibility. While creating these newsletters, I provided valuable and significant curated content, startup news, and new opportunities for entrepreneurs.