Broadcasting My Ideas πŸŽ™

I’m proud to say that I have one blog post published and ten more in draft form. I believe that bringing value is the most important aspect of a blog. I like to write about solutions that help me do my job more efficiently. Because I know I’m not the only one with the same questions or problems, if I know that someone found value or the solution they were looking for, I can say that writing a blog is worth it.

Startups Ignited - Personal Podcast

One of my favorite things to do is have valuable 1:1 conversations. I’m a great listener, and sitting down with entrepreneurs and mentors to listen to their stories was such a rewarding experience. Their experience and mentoring needed to be shared with a larger audience, so I decided to create Startups Ignited, a podcast focused on the stories of foreign entrepreneurs in South Korea.

Event Creator πŸ—“β€‹

Organizing events is not a simple task, but it’s something that I enjoy. Seeing people getting together offline (pre-covid times) and online (post-covid times) at an event where they can meet and learn new things from mind-liked people is a satisfactory experience.

Planning an event (online or offline) is not simple from start to end. The most essential task is selecting a theme, its purpose, main objective, and key results. Without it, you can lose focus in the middle of all the preparations, and you will deliver something completely different from what you expected at the beginning.Β 

An amazing team and planning are your best allies while organizing an event. Your team will help you tick off all your checklists, but having an amazing organization by logistics will make your event go as planned, like clockwork.