I have always been passionate about startups. The idea of creating something forms scratch and making solutions that will help people is just incredible! I admire how do startups work. They need to be resilient, try to survive in a competitive world, deal with failure and stand up and try again, look for funding, innovate processes and be creative with their communication to be successful and disrupt an entire industry. Even the startup journey is packed with difficulties, these come with opportunities to level up your skills, and it takes the best out of you to bring real solutions.

Asan Sanghoe (아산상회) is a global team-entrepreneurship program in which I participated along with North Korean resettlers, South Koreans, and foreign youth. The program was designed for entrepreneurs focused on the future of the united Koreas, where people and nature can thrive together.

During six months, we were learning from the best expert s coaches and mentors who guided me through the team and business building process, and I was able to start building social impact ventures, like Last Box. One of the most important personal outcomes after creating my startup is that I was able to work with a diverse and inclusive team, including entrepreneurs from North Korea, South Korea, and all over the world!